5 Major Marketing Trends Your Business Should Keep Up With in 2024

2024 Marketing Trends | Manalei Media

As 2023 comes to a close, it’s time for businesses to try and predict what’s coming next. As we approach the new year, Manalei Media is working hard to plan how to reach people better and make a lasting impression that counts. We think it might be a good idea to keep up with these top marketing trends as we enter 2024.


1. Authenticity and Getting a Bit Unhinged


The marketing world is always evolving. We believe that the authenticity trend is any business’s golden ticket to standing out. Engage in vulnerable, real conversations that showcase the human side of your brand. With an overwhelming array of options available, it’s crucial to cut through the noise and connect with your audience on a genuine level. Authentic marketing isn’t just about selling a product or service; it’s about bridging the trust gap by letting your true colors shine. Share your story, your challenges, and your triumphs – customers appreciate the realness. Additionally, be loud about your mission. People love supporting a business with a purpose. In this era of limitless choices, authenticity is not just a trend but a key to unlocking meaningful connections with your customers.


2. Ethical Marketing


Today’s customers are more conscious; they want to know if a brand cares about what they care about. This includes sustainability and treating people right. Because of big global issues like climate change and unfair treatment, brands are talking more about how they’re being eco-friendly and doing things the right way. In 2024, it’s not going to only be about what customers buy; it’s also going to be about what businesses stand for and if they’re doing good things for the planet and people.


3. Short, Snackable Content


Video marketing has been around for a while; it’s become even more popular because of platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and others that focus on short-form content. These videos are short and sweet, which is great because many of our consumers these days don’t have long attention spans. Brands are using these short videos not just for ads but also to tell stories, launch products, and even share what customers think. Learn more about how Gen Z prefers TikTok over Google to search for information →


4. Conversational Marketing using AI


It seems AI is here to stay, so let’s take advantage of it to make our businesses better. About 86% of millennials and 88% of Gen Z believe AI can make online shopping even more convenient. And get this, more than half of millennials express an interest in an AI shopping assistant. Our customers today want things fast, quick, and easy. We see AI helping with that. Existing brands are using AI chatbots and virtual assistants to talk to customers right away, answering questions and helping them decide what to buy. These AI chats make shopping easy and personalized, making customers happy and more likely to buy your services and products.


5. “Deinfluencers” vs Influencers


Deinfluencing is an emerging social media trend that discourages consumers from buying certain products that the deinfluencer has found to be indulgent, ineffective, or not worth the money. A growing segment of consumers has developed skepticism towards influencers and influencer culture. Despite the continuing success of influencer marketing, there is an increasing dissatisfaction and a notable backlash in the form of deinfluencing.

The trend doesn’t entirely reject influencer marketing or current trends. Deinfluencing strives to empower consumers by giving them with the information needed to make informed and conscious choices. Deinfluencers want to educate rather than simply express discontent. We can see this going hand in hand with being authentic and ethical in our marketing strategies for 2024.




We’re living in a time that is transforming constantly. Marketing in 2024 will include a mix of tech and human-centered innovations. Brands are already using smart talking bots to enhance customer service, and incorporating sustainability into their business practices. They also pay attention to personalizing content by creating short fun videos for their consumers. Businesses that can keep up with all these changes are the ones that will achieve marketing success.

Here at Manalei Media, we stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and tools so that we can help your business grow. Learn more about our Services →

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