Google Shopping: How to Get Your Products Listed

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Are your products listed on Google? If not, let’s help you get it there!

Google Shopping is a helpful online platform that was created by Google. It allows customers to easily search for and compare products from different retailers all in one place. Think of it as a search engine for shopping! You can browse through a huge variety of products, compare prices and features, and make purchases directly through the platform or by clicking the retailer’s website. It’s a great way for customers to save time and find the best deals on products that they want to buy.


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6 Steps to Getting Your Products Listed on Google Shopping

Google Shopping has specific requirements for ecommerce businesses who want to sell products on their platform. Follow these 6 steps and you’ll be ready to list your products in no time.


  1. Create a Merchant Center Account: Create a Merchant Center account and link it to your Google Ads account. This is a requirement for you to upload your product feed, manage your product information, and track your performance.
  2. Optimize Your Product Feed: Your product feed should include all the necessary product information such as product title, description, price, and images. Follow Google’s feed specifications to ensure your feed is properly formatted and optimized for Google Shopping.
  3. Set Up Your Shopping Campaigns: Create a Google Shopping campaign in Google Ads and set your budget, bidding strategy, and target audience. Use product groups to group similar products together and create ads that are relevant to each group.
  4. Monitor and Optimize Your Performance: Track your performance using Google Analytics and Google Ads. Analyze your data to identify opportunities to optimize your campaigns, such as adjusting your bids, adding negative keywords, or optimizing your product feed.
  5. Promote Your Products: Consider using promotions or special offers to entice shoppers to buy from your business. You can use Google Merchant Promotions to create and promote special offers on Google Shopping.
  6. Stay Up-to-Date with Google Shopping: Google Shopping is constantly evolving, so make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest changes and updates. Attend webinars, read the Google Merchant Center help center, and join the Google Ads community to stay informed and get support when you need it.


Helpful Tips for Listing Your Products

  • Make sure your product and store information is detailed and up to date
  • Submit high-quality images of your products that follow Google Merchant Center’s specifications
  • Consider the specific words your customers would type into Google to find your product and add them naturally into the title and description attributes
  • Conduct some keyword research to validate your assumptions about how people are searching for your products
  • Include all relevant product feed attributes, such as Size and Gender to help your customers find the right products


Manalei Media can help you get started with Google Shopping

Interested in getting your products added to Google Shopping? Contact Manalei Media and we can help elevate your ecommerce business by:

  • Setting up Google Shopping with your online store
  • Auditing and optimizing your Google Shopping products
  • Listing products on Google Shopping